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I was struck the other day by the level of FOMO and fight in the online personal finance space. Everybody seems to be looking upwards, towards a future that will surely be better once they have more money. The financial world is rife with speculation that we seemingly don’t want to miss out on. Bitcoin. Gold. TSLA.

By focussing on others who have more money (and occasionally less sense) than us, we sabotage our own capacity for virtuosity. For how can you focus on being a good person, caring for others, practicing self-control…. …

Candide (1759) is a novella chronicling a young man’s philosophical journey and metamorphosis as he is led around the world, mostly by circumstance and curiosity. Contrary to the heavy perception that comes with philosophical writing, Candide is highly accessible and I thoroughly recommend it for the general reader, not just those interested in philosophy.

The story continually brings us round to the enlightenment thinking practiced by Voltaire and others of the day. There is no doubt that Candide was written as an attack against the depotism and cronyism of the monarchic systems in Europe. …

Photo by Matthis Volquardsen from Pexels

Around 5 years ago I began a quest to save enough money to live a life that I wanted. I had just moved away to start a new job after a long stint working for a consultancy and the new job hit me hard. Before long I was looking for an escape, but my pride and my grim persistence wouldn’t let me leave the new job before I had given it a chance.

I had anxiety and confided in my closest — and the internet. …

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Financial Independence and philosophy blog based in the UK.

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